Here Is Difference Between Ladoo and Barfi

India is a land of diverse tradition and every tradition has contributed to the vast repertoire of sweets that are presently available in India. Every Indian sweet has its own unique taste and an interesting history, however very few of them have gained the level of popularity as ladoo and barfi. In this blog, we will take a look at both these sweets and find out the major difference between them.


They usually come in a square or a diamond shape and are often decorated with an edible silver lead. The primary ingredient of barfi are sugar and khoya, both of which help this sweet maintain its consistent taste.

This sweet is quite popular in Northern parts of the country and it is often distributed on special occasions, both personal and religious. One can easily buy them at stores of milk sweets online.

At these stores, one can find a wide of barfi flavours, such as chocolate, orange, pistachio, and so on.

One should not mistake barfi as a single variety of sweet; they are many variations of barfi depending upon the region where you are presently in. For instance, in Gujarat, instead of using milk solids, barfi is made using gram flour. On the other hand, in Rajasthan, it is made with whole milk. One can find both the regular and regional varieties of barfi at milk sweets store in Mumbai.


In contrast to barfi, which are used for all special occasions, ladoos are primarily associated with religious activities and gods. Due to this reason, one can easily find ladoo as a prasad in Hindu temples. The ladoo and barfi also differ in their appearance. While barfi comes in a rectangular shape, the shape of ladoo is spherical. The balls of ladoo are usually made up of multiple grains and seeds. Another variety of ladoo are called besan ladoo and they are made up of ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, gram flour, and other ingredients. The motichoor ladoos are the most famous varieties of ladoos that are made up of gram flour and one can easily buy them at milk sweet store online.

By the above description, one can clearly see that ladoo and barfi differ in three important parameters, namely ingredients, occasion of usage, and shape.

However, one can also easily find points of similarities between these famous Indian sweets. For instance, just like barfi, ladoos also come in a number of regional varieties. The Rajasthani variety of ladoos are called atta ladoo because they are primarily made out of wheat flour while the Maharashtrian ladoos are called til ladoo because they are made using sesame seeds. Just like barfis, one can find different varieties of ladoos in milk sweets store in Mumbai.  

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