5 Indian Delicious Desserts to Savour

The festival season is round the corner. In India festivals and sweet treats are an inseparable part of each other, and no occasion is complete with a few of the hundreds of varieties, that are made in India. Sweets are a serious business in the country, where the level of innovation is high and competitors are racing towards creating palatable new recipes everyday. At Mansha, we have been serving millions of happy customers since 1984, and in that journey our whole team of chefs, artisans have come quite a long way when it comes to innovating and refining Indian sweets. We have used our immense experience to come up with a list of the very 5 desserts that are quintessential to any Indian celebration!

  1. Laddoo: Laddoos come in one shape and all sizes! You would be surprised to know that laddus are mentioned in some of the ancient most texts of India, including the vedas! Laddoos are versatile and simple to make, using a wide variety of ingredients like Besan (refined gram flour), Til (sesame seeds), Rava (Semolina) etc. Without a doubt Laddoo forms the quintessential dessert when it comes to the Indian palate. Get some mind blowing laddoos, delivered to your home by visiting Mansha’s online Mithai shop.
  2. Kaju Katli: Ask any Indian kid, his favorite Indian sweet treat, and most will say in Unison. Nothing can beat the heavenly feeling of biting into a freshly baked Kaju Katli! Kaju katlis have made a name for themselves as a giant amongst the ultra competitive world of  Indian sweets, and for good reason. Kaju katlis are easy to bite into, have the goodness of Cashews and are inimical in their taste. All of these combine to make a truly delightful experience for your taste bud.
  3. Halwa: The Britishers when they came to India, described this one as pudding. Halwa has quickly become a staple in Indian desserts, which can be made out of diverse ingredients like simple Wheat, Gram flour, or even vegetables like Bottle gourds! The ancient arab traders developed a taste for Halwa and took it back with themselves to Arabia in a refined and solidified form which gives it longer shelf life. Today Halwa is a staple not just in dessert courses in India, but also much of Central Asia and the Middle East. Online sweets delivery in Mumbai is a serious business, and we at Mansha make sure that all our orders for Halwa are prepared fresh and delivered piping hot to our customers.
  4. Rasgulla: The Oriyas and Bengalis have fought a fever pitched battle over bragging rights to the invention of these awesome gooey balls from  made of Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese), dipped in a heavenly, sugary concoction. The legend of Rasgulla has spread far and wide across India and the world, and any dessert course in the Indian meal is incomplete without them.
  5. Petha: The Panchhi Petha from Agra, has earned worldwide repute and a loyal fanbase. It’s easy to see why. If you are constantly struggling to balance the diet of your child with Vegetables then Petha made from Ash Gourd commonly known as Winter Melon might be a unique way into tricking your child. Pethas taste best when they are fresh and Mansha employes high tech packaging techniques, to further their life spans.

We have told you about the 5 quintessential Indian desserts that you should not miss out on. Even if you live outside of India, these preparations are a staple with Indian food restaurants and shops. You can visit Mansha’s online store to order some fresh ones for yourself and indulge.

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