5 Best Indian Milk Sweets You Would Love to Devour

When it comes to Indian sweets you are bound to be awestruck by the sheer number of variety and types that have delighted our taste buds since hundreds of years. No occasion in an Indian household is complete without delectable sweet treats, be it festivals, college admission, a new car, promotion or anything which gives you a reason to indulge. Over the years Milk sweets, have earned itself a reputation across the country and a loyal fan base which swears by these culinary delights! We at Mansha have been manufacturing top quality milk sweets in Mumbai since 1984 and today we will tell you all you need to know about the top 5 of them and what they have to offer!

  1. Rasgulla: The battle between Odisha and Bengal over bragging rights for these gooey balls of heaven, made from paneer (indian cottage cheese), recently reached a conclusion with the government of India stepping in and awarding the GI tag to Bengal. While we will steer clear of the political overtones, we would like to emphasize on the awesomeness of these treats. Dipped in a sugary syrup, these are bound to wreak havoc with your taste buds. At Mansha using high quality ingredients and packaging, we deliver the best Rasgullas anywhere in Mumbai, made fresh at our workshop everyday!
  2. Shrikhand: This hidden gem which is an inseparable part of dessert courses in Gujarat, has seen its popularity spread like wildfire. Served ice cold, this Indian milk sweet is bound to enchant you with its texture and the the flavors that can be added to it. At Mansha we have been making the Best quality Shrikhand and other Milk sweets for our patrons who live in all parts of Mumbai. Our efficient logistics partners ensure timely delivery for orders so that you get only fresh sweets.
  3. Chom-Chom: another heavyweight out of the Milk sweet producing state of West Bengal. Ask any kid who grew up in the 90’s about his favorite Indian sweet and he/she’s bound to answer with cham-cham. Cham cham has long faced the challenge of preservation as the milk ingredients used have very little shelf life. Due to cutting edge packaging techniques used at Mansha we have rectified this problem and deliver the fresh cham cham to you anywhere in the Maximum city.
  4. Kheer: when the britishers came to India they were fascinated by this dessert which was popular across the length and breadth of the country. The colonisers have since appropriated this quintessential Indian dessert as ‘rice pudding’, and there has been no decline in its popularity. In fact the opposite is true as Kheer has also become a part of middle-east and eastern european cuisines!
  5. Sandesh Sweet: We don’t have  any bias towards Bengal, but it’s an undeniable fact that Milk sweets originated out of the state and gained a foothold across the country. Sandesh is another hugely popular milk sweet which has carved a space for itself across sweet shops in the country. Their texture is inimitable and coupled with their low sugar content (when compared to others), has made them widely popular.

We have told you about 5 essential Indian milk sweets that you shouldn’t miss out. We at Mansha would love to hear from you if you have any further questions. Hope this blog has been informative for you.

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